Herbert do it! – Stackstorm in daily operation (GER)

Infrastructure teams today face significant challenges. On the one hand, the self-service idea is in the foreground and customers expect change requests to be implemented as immediately and automatically as possible. On the other hand, these teams should ensure the security and timeliness of the systems. In order to master this balancing act, ever more complex automation mechanisms are being created, which then also require sustainable maintenance. To unify these mechanisms and strengthen synergies between teams, APA-Tech has been using Stackstorm, an event-based workflow tool, for some time to create clear interfaces between teams and harness mutual knowledge. In his presentation, Hannes Schaller will show what this looks like in day-to-day operation and what advantages and disadvantages it entails.

Hannes Schaller is Linux System Manager at Austria Presse Agentur – APA-Tech and is committed to Open Source and Linux in his spare time. His favorite things to do are CI/CD, Puppet, StackStorm and home automation.