Efficient server care with orcharhino (ENG)

Ever used a rhino as a pet sitter? And you ask yourself what that has to do with IT infrastructure?
orcharhino can take care of your servers for patch and configuration management. But orcharhino can do even provisioning and communicate with different services like DNS, DHCP or your hypervisors.
Why is this connected to pets? Nowadays everyone wants to use containers and microservices, which are often compared to cattle.
But even those container environments and other services still need to run on servers, which are usually patched regularly.

This talk will show you how you can treat your servers as pets and manage them with orcharhino and how you could also use it to get a cattle-like approach with virtual machines.


Installed since 2016, Dr. Jonas Trüstedt configures orcha rhino for customers and provides training on this and other tools. In addition, as a senior consultant at ATIX AG he and his team supervise various projects related to configuration management with Puppet and Ansible as well as container projects with Kubernetes, SuSe CaaSP and Red Hat Openshift.