Introduction to Ansible with AWX

AWX allows Ansible jobs to be centrally managed and organized using a web interface and API. It is built on top of Ansible and is the upstream product of the Ansible Automation Controller. AWX gives selected users in an organization the ability to launch jobs from the web GUI, view statistics about past jobs, and create hosts and inventories, among other features.

This workshop provides knowledge about the basic building blocks of AWX. In the workshop, we will gradually discuss all the steps that lead to a finished job template. Furthermore, we will deal with Execution Environments: Containers in which the job templates are ultimately executed.

The workshop is clearly practice-oriented: There are exercises for all the topics discussed so that the newly acquired knowledge can be used immediately and any unanswered questions can be answered.


  • Introduction to AWX
  • Projects and source control
  • Inventories
  • Job Templates
  • Workflow Templates
  • Execution Environments

Ottavia Balducci

Ottavia Balducci is an IT consultant at ATIX AG. She specializes in Ansible and advises clients individually on their projects. ATIX customers benefit from her expertise in the Ansible Automation Platform, which can be used to automate and manage processes at the organizational level. Using creative examples and clear presentations, she also regularly teaches the use of Ansible in trainings.