metal-stack & SAP Gardener – Kubernetes services in your own data center as a cloud solution

FI-TS provides Kubernetes as a cloud service to its customers. The technical architecture of this solution is based almost entirely on open source and does not require proprietary components. The solution FI-TS developed to orchestrate servers and network components is now open source itself and integrated with others in the CNCF ecosystem. The presentation will show how Kubernetes services can be implemented in a company’s own data center that meets the highest security requirements and does not have to hide behind the offerings of the large hyperscalers in terms of performance and costs.

Christian Brunner heads the cloud-native department at FI-TS, which runs a Kubernetes platform for numerous banks and insurance companies in its own data centers. In this role, he is responsible for designing the platform and launching Kubernetes services that enable FI-TS customers to adapt to new microservice-based SW architectures. With over 20 years of experience building innovative Linux and data center architectures, he and his team are driving the adoption of open source and cloud technologies in the enterprise environment.