The 4 Waves of Artificial Intelligence

In the future there will only be two types of companies: Companies that use AI and dead companies. The third wave of artificial intelligence, the Perceptual AI, is fundamentally changing the way we live and work.The border between man and machine becomes blurred. At the same time, online and offline worlds merge through OMO services and products (online merges offline). The following three upheavals are leading to a paradigm shift in data-driven business models.

From Invention to Implementation

● The age of exploration is coming to an end, the age of implementation is beginning.

● Companies don’t need a host of programmers. Companies need people who can identify needs, understand technologies and build cases from them. Hungry intrapreneurs.

From Mission-driven to Market-driven

● Chinese companies trade market-driven. It means the market’s calling, I’m building it. Tonight. These business models determine the speed of development.

● The good-enough-standard, an 80% solution, is sufficient to build market-driven successful solutions overnight and to extend them adaptively through tests. Long development processes are often no longer able to keep up.

From Intelligence to Love

● What makes a human being? What makes a machine? Where does man stop, where does the machine start?

● What skills will be needed in the future?

Steven McAuley presents more than 10 new AI Cases from China and Silicon Valley.

The business psychologist Steven McAuley researches – together with Christoph Burkhardt – in the fields of innovation, artificial intelligence and the future of work. Their company TinyBox advises clients worldwide.

As a member of the “Association for the advancement of Artificial Intelligence” and in cooperation with the “United Arab Emirates University” (UAEU) in Abu Dhabi, TinyBox investigated why companies are currently failing in the use of AI. Steven McAuley gives lectures from Hong Kong via Moscow to San Francisco.