Infrastructure as Code in Practice – Overview and Basics of Common Tools

Infrastructure as Code has been on everyone’s mouth since the DevOps hype year 2015 at the latest. With products like Ansible, Terraform, SaltStack, GitLab and InSpec, there are tools that promise us “event-driven infrastructure“, “reproducible builds” and “compliance as code” – and above all marketing buzzword counters for ringing and often cause total confusion.

This lecture brings(hopefully) light into the dark! In addition to some basics, prominent tools are presented, compared and potential use cases are presented using practical scenarios:

  • DevOps/IaC Philosophies
  • Common configuration management tools and their paradigms and properties
  • Compliance as Code
  • Packer, Vagrant and Terraform

christian stankowic

Christian Stankowic is A System Engineer at SVA System Vertrieb Alexander GmbH and is dedicated to the hype topic DevOps in addition to virtualization, enterprise Linux and monitoring. In his spare time, he likes to develop open source tools for the grey boxes, which help you solve problems that you wouldn’t have had without them.