Ansible – Faster than Light?!

In recent years, Ansible has become one of the most widely used automation tools due to its low entry hurdle and low technical requirements. However, the speed occasionally drops to negative – Especially when running some playbooks, roles, tasks, etc. In this talk, we want to discuss solutions that allow playbook runs to go much faster. These approaches include both the use of mechanisms already implemented, and thus also the benefits of the external framework Mitogen.

Dr. Berhard Hopfenmüller is Senior Consultant and Team Leader at ATIX AG. His team is specifically responsible for automation solutions with Ansible, Saltstack and container solutions, as well as multicloud infrastructures. In addition, his team also deals with solutions around the topic of Apache Kafka. Bernhard Hopfenmüller is a regular speaker at the IT-Linux conference in Europe and actively contributes to the open-source development of projects such as Foreman and Ansible.