The new virtual standard

We are in a state of emergency today. Never before had a society and thus a complete global economy been torn out of the boom at such short notice and through no fault of its own. Many industries are literally on the brink of collapse, should another lockdown threaten.
But on the other hand it was always a strength of man to make a virtue out of necessity. How does this fit together?
In our age, virtue comes with all kinds of technology. Technology enables the majority of the working population to work productively without actually being present.
But besides all the implications of the “new work” that has apparently come to stay, the question arises: What is still technically possible? What remains of it and what does it do to us humans?
Each question for itself is worth a book, but Oliver Rössling tries to outline the substantial topics and trends once.

Oliver likes to bring people together in a sustainable way and exchange information about the latest technological and social developments. He also worked intensively on new visualization forms and technologies as well as machine learning and what is currently known as artificial intelligence. He launched in 2013, which has since grown into one of the world’s largest meetup networks in over 20 cities and has brought thousands of speakers to the stage. Alone or together with other experts, Oliver podcasts in the context of Stunde Null – digitale Zeitenwende Podcast, the XING Talk or Bright New Future.