Keynote: Accelerating your business and uplevelling your organisation by leveraging open source innovation

Join Tobi Knaup, Co-CEO (and former CTO) of D2iQ, for an unmissable keynote presentation on how to accelerate your business and up-level your organisation by leveraging open source innovation. In this keynote, Tobi will address:
  • How to harness the fast-paced innovation of open source communities to accelerate your business goals.
  • How to incorporate open source in your stack while maximising your enterprise requirements.
  • How hiring from open source communities can upskill your organization.
  • The importance of becoming a contributor to open source.
We look forward to seeing you there!
Tobi Knaup co-founded D2iQ in 2013 and serves as its co-Chief Executive Officer. As co-CEO, he leads the human resource function and directs the overall research and development of D2iQ services and solutions. As a visionary in the open source community and former CTO of D2iQ, Tobi drives the innovation strategy and oversees the development of D2iQ’s next-generation enterprise-grade technology.
Earlier in his career, Tobi was one of the first engineers and a technology lead at Airbnb, where he was a significant contributor to an infrastructure that scaled the site to millions of users. Tobi is the main author of Marathon, the world’s first open-source container orchestrator. Tobi also co-created KUDO, an open source toolkit for building Kubernetes Operators.