Automating the Management of Kubernetes Applications with Ansible

Ansible fits naturally into any Kubernetes environment. Both are very active and widely used open source projects with vibrant communities that help make hard things easier.

This talk will demonstrate how Ansible along with its built-in templating and k8s module can be used instead of static YAML definitions that are manually applied using kubectl for rapid, repeatable and consistent multi-cluster deployments.

Further, Ansible makes it easier to deploy and manage the complete lifecycle of complex Kubernetes applications. Traditionally, Operators have been written in Go and require expertise with the internals of Kubernetes. Ansible is also a first class citizen of the Operator SDK that provides an alternative to using Go with a lower barrier to entry. It frees up application engineers, maximizes time to automate and orchestrate your applications, and doing it across new & existing platforms with one simple language.

Here we discuss and demonstrate Ansible and Kubernetes can work together.
Timothy Appnel is a Senior Product Manager, product evangelist and “Jack of all trades” on the Ansible team at Red Hat. Tim is an old-timer in the Ansible community that has been contributing since version v0.5. The synchronize module in Ansible is all his fault.