15. - 16. Oktober!

Let's talk about...

Automation with Open Source!

Call for Papers!

What’s it all About?

OSAD offers you the opportunity to present YOUR topic to an interested audience.

This year, we offer you two different tracks in which you can present your topics. The following tracks are available for you to choose from:

Strategy Track

The strategy track gives you the opportunity to present to IT decision makers and Media representatives the role that automation solutions play in companies and how these solutions can simplify workflows.

Technology Track

The technology track gives you the opportunity to present Open Source automation solutions and discuss their technical subtleties with a network of developers and IT professionals.

The Topics

We are looking for lectures on the following topics:

Send us an abstract on your topic and take the opportunity to join OSAD.

Our call for paper runs until Wednesday, 31.07.2019

The Requirements

  • Length of Presentation: 40-45 Minutes
  • Time for Questions: 10 Minutes
  • Time for Room change: 5-10 Minutes
  • Presentation Format: PDF
  • Last Delivery Day: 1 Week before OSAD (Recipient address: marketing@atix.de)
  • Permission to publish the Presentation
  • Copyright Issues must be clarified in advance

If you want to do a software demonstration, we recommend that you run it locally as we can not guarantee a stable Wi-Fi.

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