orcharhino: Multifunction tool for Linux admins

With orcharhino, various areas can be automated and simplified in the management of Linux systems. From deploying and provisioning a new system, to managing the preferred configuration management tool (Ansible, Puppet, Saltstack) to patch management, various tasks can be performed. So do you have to build your infrastructure around a tool like orcharhino? No, because orcharhino is highly configurable and can, therefore, be integrated into existing infrastructures in different scenarios.
This presentation is intended to give an overview of the functions that orcharhino can implement and thus show that it can be used and adapted for many different scenarios.


Since 2016, Jonas Trüstedt has been configuring orcharhino with customers and provides training on it and other tools. In addition, as a senior consultant, he and his team supervise various projects related to configuration management with Puppet and Ansible as well as container projects with Kubernetes, SuSe CaaSP and Red Hat Openshift.