I Can Finally Automate My Network Just Like My Server!

In his talk, Andreas la Quiante gives an overview of Closed and OpenNetworking in 2019 with the aim of demonstrating how automation can minimize risk and increase efficiency. He presents Linux as a network operating system (NOS) and discusses selected optimizations (Kernel (upstreamed) and Userspace). As a concrete example, he presents automation in a DC factory, which can extend from the network components to the Compute-Nodes/Container-Hosts.

Andreas la Quiante lives in Hamburg and is a graduate electrical engineer. He has been involved in network technology for over 25 years. The pre-sales engineer at Cumulus Networks holds certifications for Cisco – CCIE, VMware – VCIX-NV, Arista – ACE, Cumulus/OpenNetworking: CCONP