DevOps in a containerized world

DevOps describes the culture of communication and collaboration between IT Development and IT Operations departments. Usually this covers system setup, application deployment and all the surrounding tools like CI, metrics and alerting.
A core element has always been IT automation using configuration management and CI/CD.

But how do we do DevOps in a containerized world?
Do we still need configuration management? Is there still collaboration possible? Or are containers the DevOps killer?
In my talk I draw a picture on responsibilities, does and dont’s when it comes to developers and operations within a container runtime platform. I want to show where we still have DevOps and where we pass responsibilities to a single department only and what kind of security borders we have at hand to work separately but with trust.

Martin is CEO at example42 GmbH, located in Berlin. He is a long-term puppet specialist and trainer. Martin likes sharing his knowledge IT automation and DevOps.
At example42 he supports customers in IT automation.