Bring Your Own Serverless Environment

Today’s world brings a somewhat inevitable crash-course in cloud-native and containerization technology. On the whole, we rely on cloud service providers to underpin the fundamentals of these platforms and look after their uptime, reliability and availability. Even with this availability though, there are many examples of companies building their own serverless tech and this not only underpinning their business but also being utilized without realisation by other companies. As you move towards a DevOps and CI/CD mentality you will inevitably start to use serverless technology, often without noticing. This talk will look into what it takes to build a serverless environment and the security issues that come with running external inherent code within your platform.
We’ll drill down on how to use containers in your serverless system, how to at least be aware of the security concerns related to these, and then doing this can provide a business value greater than just the standard containerization of existing services.

Michael Pollett is the infrastructure and data lead at DataCamp, leading the way to enable developers to own the full lifecycle of their applications. By providing developers with containerized solutions, they can ensure they have maximum control while Michael’s team still owns the production systems.