Automating bare-metal provisioning of commodity hardware

Commodity hardware is key ingredient for building large-scaled applications, however there are challenges to work with. Less reliability, no BMC, more management and re-provisioning. Foreman open-source project provides complete life-cycle management from provisioning (PXE, non-PXE, image based or OS installer based) to configuration management bootstrap and inventory.

Foreman discovery builds on top of PXE workflows creating complete and automated solution for commodity or enterprise server provisioning. In the talk, I will introduce Foreman, Discovery and provide several use case scenarios along with some challenges like UEFI or iPXE.

Engineering at Red Hat (Satellite 6 team). Member of Fedora and The Foreman open-source projects. Key responsibilities: hardware discovery, bare-metal provisioning, non-Intel architectures, PXE, SELinux, monitoring and performance.

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