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4. - 6. Oktober 2022

Automation with Open Source!

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Speakers 2021

Christian Stankowic

christian stankowic

CentOS ist tot, lang lebe CentOS!


Senior System Engineer, SVA

JJ Asghar

Deploying a simple Python app to Kubernetes/OpenShift:


Developer Advocate, IBM Cloud

Bram Vogelaar

Puppet and the HashiStack


DevOps Cloud Engineer, The Factory

Paweł Skrzypek

Co-Presenter Marta Różańska

Co-Presenter Alicja Reniewicz

Aditya Soni

GitOps, The Next Big Thing for DevOps and Automation!


Associate Technical Support Engineer, Red Hat

Pascal Fries

Common Pitfalls in GitOps Workflows


IT Consultant, ATIX AG

Nils Magnus

Michael Friedrich

From Monitoring to Observability: Left Shift your SLOs


Developer Evangelist, GitLab

Christian Schneider

Agile Threat Modeling im DevSecOps-Sinne mit OpenSource-Werkzeugen


freiberuflicher Softwareentwickler, Whitehat Hacker und Trainer

Patrick Banholzer

GitOps auf echtem Blech – moderne Verwaltung von Desktop Systemen


Senior Solution Architect & DevOps Engineer, Mercedes-Benz AG

Jan Bundesmann

OpenShift 4 automatisch mit dem orcharhino installieren


Senior IT Consultant, ATIX AG

Martin Alfke

Puppet Code testing – Modules vs Control-Repo


Geschäftsführer, example42 GmbH

Christian Brunner

Dr. Tri Vo

Dr. Chris Lauwers

Application and Network Services Management with TOSCA 2.0


T-Systems International GmbH, OASIS

Konstantin Diener

Alles nur CI-Theater?


CTO, cosee GmbH

Julien Pivotto

Monitoring in a fast-changing world with Prometheus


Open Source Consultant, Inuits

Karan Balkar

Integrating Google Assistant for Continuous Integration (CI)


Mobile Application Developer, LTI

Stefan Jakobs

Mehrere 100 Systeme mit Ansible verwalten


Automation Engineer, Anexia

Lukas Paluch

Playing with Operators


IT-Consultant, ATIX AG

Urs Roesch

Stuck in the 70’s?


System Technician, Puzzle ITC GmbH

Lukas Plattner

Hannes Schaller

Marc Grimme

Automation pipeline on Chromebooks for enterprises


Engineering Manager, Google

Peter Zaitsev

Matthias Kanzog

Container-Technologie im E-Government – Zwischen Automatisierung und IT-Sicherheit


IT-Projektleiter, Landesamt für Digitalisierung, Breitband und Vermessung

Jonas Trüstedt

Why you should use lifecycle-management with orcharhino slide 7 wil surprise you


Principal Consultant & Senior orcharhino Architect, ATIX AG

Alex Sowitzki

Rob Richardson

Bernhard Hopfenmüller

Julian Schreiner

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