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OSAD Workshops

On Monday the 14.10.2019, we cordially invite you to participate in our OSAD workshops.

Location: Hilton Munich Airport

Duration: 09:00 a.m. – 17:00 p.m.

Please note: Participation in the workshop day is only possible in combination with participation in the conference.

Apache Kafka 101:

A brief introduction to the architecture and ecosystem of enterprise data streaming

In this 6-hour workshop, we want to focus on the motivation for Apache Kafka, the distributed streaming platform, and give a deeper insight into its architecture and ecosystem, which includes the advanced functionalities of the Confluent Platform. Learn more about the components that make up a Kafka cluster and specific Kafka features such as brokers, topics, partitions and consumer groups.

This workshop will be held in English.

Antonio Loma Daza
Antonio Loma DazaConfluent, Technical Trainer

Ready – Set – Ansible

In this beginner workshop the participants get to know the automation tool Ansible.

The content of the workshop is the basic concepts and best practices for the use of Ansible.

In addition, hands-on-based exercises will be used to show how simple day-to-day tasks can be implemented in a data center with Ansible.

This workshop will be held in German.

Dr. Bernhard Hopfenmüller
Dr. Bernhard HopfenmüllerATIX AG, Senior Consultant

Puppet Workshop

This workshop shows the participants the use and advantages of Puppet.

  • Imperative and declarative configuration management with Bolt and Puppet
  • Using the Control Repository
  • Use and benefits of library modules
  • Create Puppet Roles and Profiles
Martin Alfke
Martin AlfkeExample42, CEO

Roll out, patch and configure servers with Foreman/Katello

In this beginner workshop the participants get to know the possibilities of Foreman/Katello.

The workshop will cover the “daily” processes of a Linux admin with Foreman.
Together with hands-on exercises, participants can deploy new virtual machines, gain experience with the interface for patching servers, and roll out simple configurations with configuration management tools (Puppet & Ansible).
In this context, the use of lifecycles for release management will be explained.

This workshop will be held in German.

Dr Jonas Trüstedt
Dr Jonas TrüstedtATIX AG, Senior Consultant

Introduction to Kubernetes

At the Kubernetes Workshop, participants will learn how to roll-out their own containerized applications on a Kubernetes cluster and get a solid grip on lifecycle management.

In addition to the basics, the focus is on communicating that Kubernetes is to be understood as a data center.
This means that Kubernetes offers much more than just container orchestration.
We will also get to know availability and metric monitoring with Prometheus, log monitoring with Elastic or Loki and persistent storage (PVC/PV).
This gives participants the knowledge of being able to manage their own containers without additional tools such as Ansible with Kubernetes.

Erkan Yanar
Erkan YanarFreelancer, Consultant

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