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19. - 21. Oktober!


OSAD Workshops

On Monday 19.10.2020 we cordially invite you to participate in our OSAD workshops.

Location: Online

Duration: TBA

Please note:With the purchase of a workshop ticket, participation in the two conference days is on 20.10. + 21.10.2020 included.

KubeOne 101: learn how to use operator drive cluster lifecycle tool

This workshop is about KubeOne building and managing a ready-to-use productive Kubernetes cluster in just a few minutes.

After a brief introduction to the concept, participants set up a first cluster and simulate scaling and upgrade scenarios. The trainer then shows how to manage the entire lifecycle of a KubeOne cluster. In addition, various functions and use cases are presented.

More information can be found here.

Tobias Schneck
Tobias SchneckKubermatic, Senior Software Engineer

Ansible Advanced

In this training, the participants learn the basics for developing their own Ansible Modules and Filters.

Dynamic inventories and addressing cloud providers are looked at in more detail. Ansible workflows in the context of Git and CI pipelines are discussed. Ansible Collections are illuminated in more detail and also some written themselves. The course consists of a combination of lecture and relevant and practical exercises.

A detailed overview of the contents can be found here.

Manuel Bonk
Manuel BonkATIX AG, IT-Consultant

GitLab CI/CD – from zero to hero

This workshop is about version management and collaboration with Git and GitLab. In addition to some Git basics, the main focus is on the added value of GitLab

The core of the workshop is a sample project that accompanies the participants throughout the entire session and is finally compiled and tested fully automatically.

A detailed overview of the contents can be found here.

Christian Stankowic
Christian StankowicSVA System Vertrieb Alexander GmbH , Senior System Engineer

Kubernetes best practices und GitOps Grundsätze

Managing Kubernetes should be simple, easy, and clear. The Kubernetes toolbox was designed to make well-known DevOps practices and ultimately automation achievable.

The workshop is aimed at those who are enthusiastic about the technical practices of DevOps, Continuous Delivery, and Automation and who have already gained initial experience with container virtualization (Docker) and container orchestration (Kubernetes).

A detailed overview of the contents can be found here.

Andy Wirtz
Andy WirtzATIX AG , Senior IT-Consultant

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