You build it, but you ain’t gonna run it… – DevOps Practices for IT Service Providers (and their Customers) (GER)

The DevOps movement seeks to break down silos between development and operations and replace them with intensive collaboration. Quite a few companies have come a long way on this journey internally and have adopted more and more DevOps practices. However, as soon as they engage external IT suppliers, the old silos often re-emerge: the solution is built by the supplier and operated by the customer after handover. Yet it doesn’t have to be that way. External IT suppliers can also (collaborate) with their customers in accordance with the DevOps philosophy. Konstantin shows you some patterns and practical examples for this in his lecture.

Konstantin Diener is CTO at cosee. He is passionate about software development and is on fire for Clean Code and Test Driven Development. As CTO, he is now more concerned with the framework conditions for cross-functional development teams. He speaks regularly at conferences and was the author of the “DevOps Stories” column in Java Magazine (, which covers Agile, DevOps & New Work.