The influence of open source in the modern data stack (ENG)

In recent years, we started to hear about the so-called modern data stack everywhere. Many tools make up this new era of data platforms, and they all unite in empowering analysts and driving better decision-making But another interesting thing these tools have in common is that the companies behind them have chosen an open-source compatible business approach. Data is more accessible within a company, but the tool and its code as well. One can now build an entire data platform supported mainly by open-source from ingestion of this data to exposure, without forgetting the metadata generated in between.

By the end of this talk, you will have an understanding of what makes the open-source modern data stack, and how to incorporate it into your data team.

Born in Argentina, graduated in Systems Engineering, currently working as a Solutions Architect at dbt labs from Berlin. Victoria has over 7 years of experience working with reporting, databases and data platforms, acting as the intersection between business and technology.
She is passionate about using technology to help people make their daily tasks easier. In her free time, she likes to encourage people to enter the IT world by volunteering, teaching, and mentoring.