Routing-state observation and modification in a large network thanks to pulumi-managed API services in AWS/ECS (ENG)

Two years ago we presented many different solutions in the IaC space; after working with some of them in the last years, we present details about one specific solution Fastly is using in its routing configuration automation, which involves Pulumi for deployment and configuration, and tens of processes running in AWS ECS clusters.

Daniel Caballero Rodriguez

Daniel Caballero is Principal Engineer at Fastly, previously part-time lecturer (La Salle University in Barcelona, KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm), and also working as Staff Devops at Schibsted, NTT, Oracle (and others!), where he has been trying to code, build and maintain backend services, infrastructure and (automation) tools. In parallel, author and maintainer of tcpgoon and gcs-pit-restore, also contributing to OSS as much as he can.