More comfort and security in managing containers on K8s with Harbor and Kyverno (GER)

Let’s face it, like many organizations, you probably don’t have a transparent view of all the different container images currently floating around in your Kubernetes clusters.
If, on the other hand, you have this transparency and overview of every container and every blob, then the solution was either dearly bought or dearly purchased and is a reason for the frequent cursing of developers.

Contrary to the widespread view that you have to choose either security or convenience, in this talk we will show a middle ground that pursues Developer Experience (DX) together with Security Maturity Process, in parallel a software lifecycle. Using our experience with Harbor, Kyverno, Sigstore, and open source tools and workflows, we’ll show you how a secure container software deployment on Kubernetes works.

Vadim Bauer

Vadim is a silverback of container technology, using containers in production since 2013. Today, as a maintainer of the CNCF Harbor project, he helps users adopt Harbor and container technologies and helps make Harbor the best container registry. With 8gears, Vadim offers professional services around Harbor and Harbor as a Service for ISVs, enterprises and cloud providers.