k8s dev or deploy – it’s always terraform apply (ENG)

Nowadays, you can put a software project on a solid base with the help of a variety of open source solutions, e.g. keycloak or minio. Operating these in a Kubernetes cluster alongside your actual services can sometimes be like herding cats. Not to mention local development.
At the beginning of our open source project Os4ML, we were looking for a tool that would allow us to start all services at the push of a button – in any kubernetes cluster. And we ended up at Terraform.

Terraform is actually known as a solution for infrastructure as code. But isn’t other open source software something like infrastructure for your project? And this is where Terraform gets interesting. Using Os4ML as an example, it will be shown how Kubeflow can be packaged as a Terraform module and used as basis for your own services – with just a few lines of code.

But the best comes last: Now, it doesn’t matter whether it’s your local k3d or the cloud provider next door. It is just terraform apply.

Thomas Fraunholz

Thomas has a great fondness for science. Strictly speaking, for numerics, in which he did his doctorate at the University of Augsburg. After his doctorate, he went to the school of embedded programming as a developer and project manager. During this time he got to know and love CI/CD. His enthusiasm for the topic of artificial intelligence ultimately led him back to WOGRA, where he is currently in charge of open source research programs. When he’s not trying to convince his colleagues to use Terraform, he’s busy with MLOps, CML and his low-budget bark beetle detection drone – once you’ve done emdedded you just can’t get away from it.