How Automation Can Help in Kubernetes Lands – Managing Multi-Tenant Policies with Cilium (ENG)

Kubernetes is great at managing workloads – especially if you have multiple tenants. But there is a catch: how do you manage network policies? You don’t want the ops team to manage all policies for each and every workload! But if you let the workload owners manage policies, how do you ensure that those are consistent with the compliance and cluster rules you have?

The answer is of course: automation! Via automation you can enable app owners to create and modify their own network policies while still adhering to cluster wide operational policies.

In this talk you will learn that automation is not limited to infrastructure, but can also help with typical cloud native challenges like network policies on Kubernetes clusters. Tune in to learn how the data plane Cilium uses Gitops based automation to manage network policies from various tenants and from the ops team.

Roland Wolters

Roland Wolters is Head of Technical Marketing at Isovalent, founded by creators of eBPF and Cilium, who are leading the eBPF-powered revolution in cloud native networking & security. Owning the technical voice in the marketing team, Roland is responsible for communicating the product’s technical values to customers, prospects, partners and the sales team. His areas of expertise are security, observability, automation and competitive analysis.

Roland is passionate about open source, and always worked at open source heavy companies like Isovalent or Red Hat. He is a keen driver of agile processes and would be lost without his Kanban boards. n the last 15 years Roland served various roles as TME, pre-sales expert, project manager, consultant and technical writer. Apart from that he is usually most remembered for having young triplets.