Introduction to Terraform

Declarative description and automation – this successful concept has long been accepted thanks to tools such as Ansible and Puppet for configuration management. But why stop here? An “as code” formulation also lends itself to digital infrastructure management to take advantage of automated workflows. Terraform has established itself as the tool and language of choice here.
This workshop provides a basic introduction to Infrastructure as Code with Terraform, including concrete use cases in the Azure Cloud. We write Terraform code together and execute in to build infrastructure in the cloud. Of course, we also discuss best practices, such as distributed working and handling sensitive data.


  • Introduction to Infrastructure as Code
  • Terraform and the Hashicorp Configuration Language
  • The Terraform Workflow: Init, Plan, Apply, Destroy
  • Inputs, Outputs, Interpolation
  • Azure Infrastructure with Terraform

Martin Grundei

Martin Grundei is an IT consultant at ATIX AG. His work encompasses the orchestration and automation of datacenters and conceptual design of cloud scenarios. This includes the lifecycle management tools Foreman and orcharhino, the configuration management tools Puppet, Ansible and Saltstack as well as the infrastrutctre as code tool Terraform.