GitOps with ArgoCD

GitOps promises a fully versionable application operation. An automated process takes care of the permanent synchronization of the actual state of an application and its configuration with the corresponding target state in Git. For this to work well, this target state must be declaratively describable, which is why GitOps is especially popular in the container and Kubernetes environment.

This workshop teaches the GitOps workflow for applications in Kubernetes with ArgoCD. ArgoCD is a GitOps operator, i.e. a tool for synchronization between Git and Cluster. In the workshop we will discuss how this synchronization works and how a productive workflow with ArgoCD looks like.

The focus here is clearly on the “hands on” approach. All core topics are practiced and discussed together. There will also be room for questions about your own use cases.


  • The basic concept of ArgoCD
  • ArgoCD Applications: How does the application get into the cluster?
  • The “App of Apps” pattern
  • Manage ArgoCD with ArgoCD
  • Best practices in dealing with different environments and branches

Pascal Fries

Pascal is an IT Consultant at ATIX AG in Munich, Germany. He supports customers in the automation of container platforms such as Docker and Kubernetes, including the management of these platforms themselves, as well as the development and delivery of applications to them. In particular, he specialises in DevOps practices and cloud native CI/CD. He also offers training, workshops, and webinars on Kubernetes and GitOps.