Ansible Advanced Workshop

The Ansible Advanced Workshop is aimed at all those who have already gained initial experience with Ansible and would like to deepen their knowledge in the subject.
In this training, the participants learn the basics for developing their own modules and filters. Dynamic inventories and addressing cloud providers are looked at in more detail. Ansible workflows in the context of Git and CI pipelines are discussed. Ansible Collections are illuminated in more detail and also some written themselves. The course consists of a combination of lecture and relevant and practical exercises.


  • Testing with Ansible Molecule
  • Ansible Git workflow and CI Pipelines
  • Dynamic Inventories and Cloud Providers
  • Ansible Module Development
  • Ansible Collections
  • Advanced Jinja2
  • Filter Development

Dr. Bernhard Hopfenmüller has been part of ATIX for 4.5 years and currently works as a consultant, trainer and teamlead. His projects include and cover Python, TheForeman, Ansible, Saltstack, Containerization, Apache Kafka and DevOps topics of all kinds. He is a regular speaker at Open Source and Linux events in Germany and Europe.

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