Workshop: GitLab CI/CD – from zero to hero

This workshop is about versioning and collaboration with Git and GitLab. In addition to some Git basics, the added value of GitLab is paramount.

In addition to some collaboration features, there is a growing focus on creating and using CI/CD pipelines.

The fulcrum is an example project, which accompanies the participants throughout the workshop and is compiled and tested in full automatically at the end.


  • Motivation
  • Features and workflow
  • Basic Git Commands
    • git init
    • git add/rm / mv
    • git status
    • git status
    • git diff
  • Commits and Branches
    • git branch / checkout
    • git merge
  • Remote Repositories
    • git remote
  • Create, use and publish branches
    • Cloning Repositories
  • GitLab– Features– Kanban Boards
    • Groups and projects
    • Issues
    • Milestones
    • Wiki
  • Continuous Integration – Motivation GitLab-Runner
    • Configuration
    • Stages and Jobs
    • Artifacts
christian stankowic

Christian Stankowic is Senior System Engineer at SVA System Vertrieb Alexander GmbH and is dedicated to virtualization, enterprise Linux and monitoring as well as the hype topic DevOps. In his spare time, he likes to develop open source tools for the grey boxes, which help you solve problems that you wouldn’t have had without them.

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