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04.10. - 06.10.2021

Automation with Open Source!

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OSAD 2020 Online

This year OSAD 2020 will take place online. Participate from home and talk with us about automation and Open Source!

How does OSAD 2020 work?

Do you already have a ticket?

Once you have decided on a ticket, you will receive an individual link for logging into the Brella conference tool used for OSAD.

Here you can now register for participation in the virtual Open Source Automation Days. This is possible via your Google, LinkedIn or Facebook account. You can also create a Brella account. We recommend using either a Brella or LinkedIn account for registration.


One of the most important features of conferences is the interaction with other participants, speakers and partners. Brella also makes this possible for virtual events.

During your registration you can select your interests. Terms for different topics are suggested. Please choose carefully what applies to you. These are used to suggest the participants who are particularly relevant for you. These profiles will be suggested to you on the personalized participant list on the “People” page. Now you can click on the profiles and make appointments for video chats with the respective person. If another participant sends you a meeting request, you will receive a notification at the e-mail address you provided during registration. You can then confirm the request in the conference tool and the booked timeslot is automatically added to your conference calendar.

video chats:
Brella offers this function for the exchange with other participants, speakers and partners of OSAD 2020. These video chats are not public and one-to-one meetings. You do not need to use any additional software for this. This works via a Jitsi integrated in Brella. For the video chat to work properly, we strongly recommend using Google Chrome as your Browser.

text chats:
In addition to video chats, you can also get in touch with other conference topics via direct messages. You can also find this function by clicking on the profile of other participants.

Lecture program:
The Open Source Automation Days will consist of two tracks: one will look at topics from a strategic, the other from a technical perspective. If you click on “Schedule” in the tab on the left side, you will see all lectures. They are marked with “Strategy” or “Technical”. On the right side in the tab “Locations” you can filter the lectures by “Strategy” and “Technical”. Now select the lectures you are interested in. You do this by clicking on the star in the upper right-hand corner of the box containing the speaker and lecture title. You will find your selected lectures in the right tab under “Show” –> “Bookmarks”.

The live streams for the lectures you have selected can be found in the tab “Stream”. Here you can select from the drop-down menu which of the two tracks you are about to visit. Please note that the greeting as well as the keynotes are only transmitted in the “OSAD Strategy Track”.

Questions about lectures:
You can ask questions to the speakers in the text chat next to the stream window. Your questions will be forwarded by the chat administrator to the moderator of the respective track. The latter then presents these to the speaker.

Information about the speakers:
These can be found in the “Speakers” tab.

Meet our event partners:
Click on the tab “Sponsors” to see the different event partners with their logos. If you click on the logo of a sponsor with a “Platinum” or “Gold” level, you will find yourself on a landing page integrated into the Brella with information, videos etc. about the respective company. In the right chat window you can ask questions to the virtual exhibitors. Contact persons of the respective companies are also linked. With these you can chat directly via text or video.

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