GitOps, The Next Big Thing for DevOps and Automation!

Today we are moving fast towards GitOps and making Git a single source of truth for everything so… If you have questions like: “What’s GitOps?”, “Why we are moving towards this?”, “How and when can one implement this strategy in a now running environment?”, “What are the tools it included?” etc, this talk will be beneficial for you!

Aditya Soni describes himself as a lazy developer, who fell for Automation and can think “out of the box”. He is a curious person, who wants to know every bit of backend and loves to troubleshoot.

Aditya is very keen on DevOps Methodologies and cloud and always looks forward to integrating his work with the best of fit to the organization. He has contributed to open-source communities and is one of LiFT Scholar 2020’s Cloud Captain and AWS Community Builders.

Works at RedHat as ATSE – Openshift Containers Platform / Open Source