From Monitoring to Observability: Left Shift your SLOs

Security has shifted left in CI/CD pipelines. Tools and cultural changes enable teams to focus on their cloud-native journey. Traditional service monitoring moved on with metrics, logs and traces and observability embraces the unknown unknowns. Developers and SREs are instrumenting applications with distributed tracing. How do service level objectives (SLOs) add to the bigger picture?

This talk invites into a developer’s tale about ops deployment scalability, availability threshold definitions and measuring application performance. Estimated SLOs could be simulated early in the development process. New building blocks come to play: Quality gates and chaos engineering – is it possible to left shift the SLOs in your CI/CD pipelines?

Attendees go on a hands-on deep dive into cloud native resources with Keptn and Prometheus as quality gates, and explore ways of chaos engineering with Litmus. This includes best practices and tips to start in a cloud native deployment journey.

Michael Friedrich is a Developer Evangelist atGitLab focussing on backend dev, ops and sec. He studied Hardware/Software Systems Engineering and moved into a role on DNS and monitoring development at the University of Vienna and Michael was a maintainer of Icinga, an OSS monitoring software, for 11 years before joining GitLab. He loves engaging with new technologies in the Monitoring/Observability, CI/CD and security area and regularly speaks at events and meetups. Current projects involve Prometheus exporters, tracing and pipeline efficiency. Michael hosts a weekly technology coffee chat called “#everyonecancontribute cafe” on