Why you should use lifecycle-management with orcharhino – slide 7 will surprise you

Are you able to control all installed packages on your servers and ensure that the available versions are compatible? Do you have a tool to automate and monitor the patches of your servers? Deshalb sollten Sie über ein Lifecyclemanagement inklusive Patch- & Releasemanagement verfügen. This is why you should have a lifecycle management including patch- & release management. orcharhino is a tool providing not only this functionality for all common Linux distributions but offers much more including different possibilities of deploying new machines and automating the configuration of the operating system and the installed applications.

You can use it as a self-service-portal to improve devops-processes and give teams to administer their machines from a WebGUI, CLI or via API.


Since 2016, Jonas Trüstedt has been configuring orcharhino with customers and provides training on it and other tools. In addition, as a senior consultant, he and his team supervise various projects related to configuration management with Puppet and Ansible as well as container projects with Kubernetes, SuSe CaaSP and Red Hat Openshift.