Top Trends in IT Automation

In today’s world, new business models are constantly emerging, bringing these changes in all areas of life. Parallel to this, there are – especially in year 2020external factors, above all certainly Covid19, which significantly drive these changes.

In order to have a basis for innovation on the one hand and to be able to react adequately to external factors on the other hand, almost every company is dependent on IT automation. This is because it enables IT teams to use the almost limitless possibilities of modern technologies, as well as the necessary speed to react to unforeseen events.

New procedures in software development, deployment of IT infrastructures and unlimited scalability create room for disruptive changes of all kinds.

Artificial intelligence, the speed of software distribution, micro-service architectures, the rapid development of automation tools and the acceptance of new technologies are changing our business and working world.

The lecture highlights the current trends and possibilities of IT automation.

Bernhard Hopfenmüller is a consultant, trainer and part-time software developer with ATIX AG for 2 years.
His projects feature and featured Python, TheForeman, Ansible, Saltstack, Docker, Microservices and Apache Kafka.
He regularly appeared as a speaker at open source and Linux events in Germany and Europe.