The groundhog says hello every day – patching according to ITIL, but automagically please!

Automatic updating with unattended upgrades and the like is practical, but unfortunately not compatible with change management, information processes and releases. In their presentation, Lukas Plattner and Hannes Schaller show how APA-Tech nevertheless implemented this without endangering the song contest excitement, election Sundays and football fever of the Austrians.

Lukas Plattner is employed at APA-Tech as Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) and additionally leads the Linux Server department. Together with his team, he started automating server workflows in data centers several years ago.

Hannes Schaller is Linux System Manager at Austria Presse Agentur – APA-Tech and is committed to Open Source and Linux in his spare time. His favorite topics are CI/CD, Puppet, StackStorm and home automation.