Successfully drowning in Log Files

Increasingly, companies are hearing that the efficient handling of log files is a problem. The amount of data, the log frequency, the multitude of documented and undocumented formats, and the combination with traces and metrics from the monitoring may hardly allow for a different conclusion. Although there are specialized solution providers, they often operate proprietarily and/or with costs that are not sustainable for SMEs. In this presentation, case studies are used to show which solution variants can be used to reduce the time it can use to find errors using logs. The spectrum ranges from existing open source solutions to novel tools from research.

Josef Spillner is a research leader on Distributed Application ComputingParadigms as well as an associate professor at Zurich University of Applied Sciences. He originally went through a conventional computer science curriculum with a subsequent doctorate and habilitation at TU Dresden, Germany. Since 2015, he has been supporting companies in Switzerland with science-based innovation projects around the topic of creating and optimizing applications for cloud, Big Data, and IoT applications. His particular expertise is in the research on cloud-native application architectures and serverless applications in hybrid cloud environments with high quality and automation demands.

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