Puppet Code testing – Modules vs Control-Repo

When it comes to Puppet code testing we have two options: unit and acceptance testing.
Unit tests check for a catalog and verify content of the catalog whereas acceptance tests use a real system to deploy your configuration and you check the system being properly configured. There are many tools and different ways on how to test Puppet code. We can choose between PDK and OnceOver. But which of the tools is the best to use?

In this talk I am going to explain usage of PDK and OnceOver and what must be done for unit testing a module and a control-repo.
We then move on to acceptance testing where I am going to explain the differences between beaker and litmus and how to use them from either PDK and OnceOver.

Martin is an open source enthusiast, puppet expert and CEO and co-founder of example42 GmbH.
As part of his work, he supports clients in DevOps and Puppet implementations.
He is a long-time participant in DevOps and Puppet conferences and regularly gives lectures.