Private Cloud – success factors beyond automation

Over the last couple of years OpenStack became an important pillar in the dynamic BMW compute infrastructure. Creating and deleting more than 400,000 VMs per month, the internal customers consume on average around 40,000 vCPUs in a very agile way. Although automation of the infrastructure is essential for the cloud, it is by far not sufficient. It’s mostly less technical aspects like service design, onboarding concepts, accounting models, communication and community spirit, which lead to an overwhelming success and run on the new platform. We would like to share our journey to give you some food for thought and hopefully help your private cloud deployment to be a great success.

Besides being responsible for solutions and architecture in the Linux infrastructure Andreas started to work on the first Private IaaS cloud concepts in 2011. In 2014 he started to introduce OpenStack at BMW. Acting as an agile startup within the company, the project became a great success. As product owner for OpenStack he doesn’t get tired to stress out the importance of the non technical factors when establishing such a new technology.

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