PostgreSQL: Open source database in highly critical enterprise environments

In times of digitalization the Open Source projects become more and more important. This tendency can also be seen with databases. Postgres as an open source database takes a central position in data centers of customers. Postgres is driven by the community, very flexible in its use and fits very well into modern infrastructure landscapes.

In this presentation the speaker gives an overview of the database’s features and shows how an open source database can be used in mission critical environments.

· EDB Postgres: costs, performance and flexibility

· Ensure the high availability of your PostgreSQL databases

· Secure your sensitive data

· Secure your data through anonymization

· Simply migrate your Oracle databases to PostgreSQL

· Monitor your PostgreSQL databases

· Replicate your PostgreSQL data through Kafka

· Ensure the High Availability of your sensitive applications

· Replicate your databases (single-Master & Multi-Master)

Borys Neselovskyi has more than 20 years of experience in the IT sector, especially in the Oracle environment. His area of responsibility includes the conception and implementation of infrastructure solutions based on Oracle Database/Middleware/Engineered Systems/Virtualization. His focus is on high availability, security, performance tuning, consolidation and migration of complex environments, virtualization (P2V) as well as the conception and implementation of Oracle Engineered Systems. Borys is very familiar with cloud technology.

With great commitment he shares his cloud know-how with the community. For many years, he has been sharing his skills through several channels: e.g. social media, his IT-related blogs, discussion forums, white papers and numerous articles. He is also a regular speaker at conferences, meetings, panels, etc.

Borys is responsible for the middleware stream at DOAG and was awarded Oracle ACE.

Since August 2020 Borys works as Senior Sales Engineer at EnterpriseDB and takes care of customers who are using Postgres database.