Playing with Operators

The Operator Pattern can be considered the “next big thing” in application operations on Kubernetes.
But what is this “operator pattern”, how does an operator work and can you actually eat it?
We would like to clarify these questions in the presentation by means of a small example and thus look at how our application operation can be facilitated by operators.
Perhaps this will make moving your applications through Kubernetes even easier.

Caution for all non-programmers: code might be shown.

Lukas has turned his passion for Kubernetes and containers into a profession. Already as a working student, the dedicated expert gained numerous practical experiences in this field. With his strong knowledge and expertise acquired over the years, he has been able to successfully guide many applications on their journey from the application server to the container and onto the Kubernetes cluster. However, the most interesting activity for him remains managing container infrastructures from start to finish. In doing so, he plans the setup together with customers and supports them in the setup as well as in enabling later users and administrators.