opsi 4.2: Our way to Microservices and back

opsi is an OpenSource Enterprise Client Management System for central administration of Windows-, Linux- and Mac-Clients (Mac-Support has not been released yet)

opsi is also a project with a long history. The requirements increased immensely over the years. opsi manages today environments with several hundred locations and more than 10000 clients in a central administration.

During the development of the new version of opsi it was first decided to change to a micro service architecture. Why this decision? What did we learn on our way and why did we finally decide against a microservice architecture again?

In this presentation we take the audience on a journey through our development on opsi 4.2 and show how we have technically set the new basis for the opsi web service. Finally there is a conclusion, what exactly the modification compared to the old version has brought and what the opsi users can still look forward to with opsi 4.2.

Erol Ülükmen is managing director of uib gmbh, which is creator and maintainer of opsi. At the same time he is developer in the backend team of opsi, senior IT-consultant and mostly busy making sure that his colleagues have everything they need.