From batch to pipelines-why Apache Mesos and DC/OS are a solution for emerging patterns in cloud native apps

The modern landscape of distributed fast data pipelines like the SMACK stack has dramatically changed the paradigms of data processing. Learn how Apache Mesos and DC/OS can abstract the underlying complexity of distributed data pipelines. Apache Mesos is a distributed system for running other distributed systems, often referred to as a distributed kernel. It is widely used by some of the world’s largest companies such as Netflix, Uber and Yelp. DC/OS is an open-source distribution of Mesos that provides all the features required to run Mesos in production on any substrate, both on-site and in the cloud. In this talk, I will introduce both Mesos and DC/OS and talk about how they work under the hood and the benefits of using these novel systems for emerging native cloud workloads.

Nick is an experienced I.T {sysadmin, engineer, architect} with a career spanning nearly two decades across a wide variety of industries and sectors. He’s passionate about new technologies and methodologies, especially those in relation to Open Source, virtualisation, orchestration, automation, and all forms of cloud computing. Simultaneously romantic about the old with a penchant for decrepit Sun and SGI kit. Likes Emacs and vi. Currently, he works for Mesosphere as a Community Engineering Lead.

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