Automation pipeline on Chromebooks for enterprises

Chrome is the by far most used Web Browser with around 68% market share. On top of that Chrome is one of the biggest open source repositories world wide. Chromebooks are computers based on the open source projects ChromeOS and Chrome. This talk will look into the automation pipeline of Chrome and ChromeOS specifically focusing on the enterprise customers. We will dive more detailed into the technical implementations of Google to produce a new version every 4 weeks and Chromebooks every 8 weeks.

To achieve 4 weeks release cycles automation in all areas of the release cycle is crucial and therefore we explore the background, used tools and technologies as well as some learnings from the process.

Marc Grimme

Marc Grimme believes it is important to find the right balance between technical challenges, new developments and a group of people (some call it an organization) in order to use this mixture to their advantage and the advantage of the customer.

He started programming in the 1980s and has been trying to keep up to date ever since. Marc Grimme loves to use programming languages to develop a product that can make a difference for the customer.

From 1995 to 2013 he worked as founder and CTO at ATIX. There he learned a lot about the development of software products in the world of data centers. He had the opportunity to support sales, implementation and maintenance of the products developed by ATIX.
In 2013, he left ATIX and started working as CTO at Fidor Solutions AG and in 2019 he became the Engineering Manager at Google with a focus on corporate Chromebook usage.