Ansible Receptor: Mesh Your way through Corporate network landscapes

Contacting hosts managed by your automation system to distribute work can be challenging in more complex network architectures. Receptor aims to improve this by spanning a mesh overlay on top of it to manage tasks with more independence from the underlying setup. We already use it in AWX for exactly that and to deploy work to kubernetes clusters. Since Receptor is pretty new I will give a rundown on what it does, how it is doing it and why it can be of use to you even if you don’t use Ansible!

Alex Sowitzki is Software Engineer at Red Hat within the Ansible Foundation Group. He loves Go, electronics, distributed systems, embedded systems and possibly even other systems! Running services in a way they are not supposed to run is a most pleasurable pastime to him. He lives with 6 adorable parrotlets and loves to tell you everything about parrots and birds if you don’t run away fast enough.