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Automation with Open Source!

19. - 21. Oktober!



Steven McAuley, Chief Strategy Officer, TinyBox Inc.

The 4 Waves of Artificial Intelligence

Andreas Pöschl, Senior Solutions Architect, BMW AG

Private Cloud – success factors beyond automation

Henning von Kielpinski, Technical Account Manager, Google Germany

AI & Machine Learning – Possibilities and Limitations

Dr. Tobias Klug, IT Architect, Capital of Munich – it@M

The Munich Cloud

JJ Asghar, Developer Advocate, IBM

Istio: Control and Observability for Microservices

Martin Alfke, CEO, Example42

DevOps in a containerized world

Tim Meusel, DevOps Engineer, GoDaddy EMEA

Vox Pupuli – The community behind Puppet

christian stankowic

Christian Stankowic, Senior System Engineer, SVA

IcA in practice – an overview of common IaC tools

Lukas Zapletal, Software Engineer, RedHat

Automating bare-metal provisioning of commodity hardware

Nicolas Frankel, Developer Advocate, Exoscale

Battle of the Circuit Breakers: Hystrix vs Istio

Lukas Plattner, Security Management, Automation & Optimization IT Operations, APA-IT

Title coming soon!

Jens Schanz, Team leadership 2nd-level store systems, IT-Services/Appliquations, Müller Holding GmbH & Co. Kg

IT infrastructure outside the Docker-/K8-/Openstack Hype

Andreas la Quiante, Pre-Sales Engineer, Cumulus Networks

I Can Finally Automate My Network Just Like My Server!

Erkan Yanar , Freelance consultant specializing with, LXC/Docker, DevOps , K8s and OpenStack

HandsOnDocker /K8s Security

Erol Ülükmen, Managing Director, uib

Title coming soon!

Tobias Stadler, programmer, petaFuel GmbH

Let’s Build a Container

Michael Pollet, Infrastructure and Data Lead, DataCamp

Bring Your Own Serverless Environment

roland wolters

Roland Wolters, Product Manager for Infrastructure Management and Automation, Redhat

The Future of the Ansible Ecosystem

Paul Puschmann, DevOps Engineer / Squad Architect, REWE Digital GmbH

Evolution of a Microservice Infratructure:

Jonas Trüstedt, Senior Consultant, ATIX AG

orcharhino: Multifunction tool for Linux admins

Dr. Bernhard Hopfenmüller, Senior Consultant and Team Leader, ATIX AG

Ansible – Faster than Light?!

Dr. Sebastian Oehlke, ATIX AG

Terraform – From the IT-Desert to Paradise

Andy Wirtz, IT Consultant, ATIX AG

Automation for setting up and configuring OpenShift

Mario-Leander Reimer, Chief Technologist, QAware GmbH

Serverless is the next logical development in Cloud Native software development.

Toshaan Bharvani, IT consultant, VanTosh

Monitoring your infrastructure and going beyond

Michael Spindler, Head of IT Operations, Baaderbank

Price determination on German regional exchanges

Philipp Krenn, Developer Advocate, Elastic

Live Kubernetes Debugging with the Elastic Stack

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