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04.10. - 06.10.2021

Automation with Open Source!

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Speakers 2021

Christian Stankowic

christian stankowic

CentOS is dead, long live CentOS!


Senior System Engineer, SVA

JJ Asghar

Deploying a simple Python app to Kubernetes/OpenShift:


Developer Advocate, IBM Cloud

Bram Vogelaar

Puppet and the HashiStack


Technical Lead/CTO, Hot Potatoes

Paweł Skrzypek

Co-Presenter Marta Różańska

Co-Presenter Alicja Reniewicz

Aditya Soni

GitOps, The Next Big Thing for DevOps and Automation!


Associate Technical Support Engineer, Red Hat

Patrick Banholzer

GitOps on real metal – modern management of desktop systems


Senior Solution Architect & DevOps Engineer, Mercedes-Benz AG

Nils Magnus

Automation tools for OpenStack-based clouds


Cloud Architect, T-Systems

Michael Friedrich

From Monitoring to Observability: Left Shift your SLOs


Developer Evangelist, GitLab

Christian Schneider

Agile Threat Modeling in the DevSecOps Sense with OpenSource Tools


freelance software developer, whitehat hacker and trainer

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